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Drugs Legal? Yes!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Drugs Legal? Yes!

Should drugs be legal? Yes! And for clarification let me add that when I say “drugs” I mean illicit drugs such as crack and heroine ect
So, when alcohol was illegal we saw the rise of the mafia and organized crime and many lives were lost due to that fact. (Now I know a lot of people will be like “Peter, people drink and drive and die…” yes that is true, I won’t debate that BUT the government can enforce laws against drunk driving much better than they can enforce laws that say if you smoke crack you will be arrested.) Therefore we can see, that based on things that have happened in the past, outlawing a substance entirely doesn’t work.
So moving on, what is the main reason people get into gangs? Drugs. People get their drugs from gangs (the source of your drug supply is a gang) and the better the drug the more expensive it is and thus you will get addicted easier and keep buying it until you can’t pay for the drug so you either a) steal or b) join them and sell drugs to pay off your debt. So the question naturally arises, why are drugs so expensive and why are they so addictive? 
1: They are so expensive because the people in the gangs want to make money so they raise the price of drugs to extreme amounts and because there is minimal competition and high demand, the people will buy it.
2: They are so addictive because there are no regulations on what is in them. They can be laced with anything and you wouldn’t know. (To bring it back alcohol, when alcohol was illegal many people went blind because it wasn’t regulated and the alcohol content was to high.)
If drugs were legal you could regulate what was in them (causing loss of life to drop) and you could set a standard price so people wouldn’t have to pay extreme amounts. And because there would be competition, and I hate to use this but it’s true, the economy would grow.
And for the record I don’t do drugs nor do I think it’s a good habit but think about what would happen if they were legal….



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