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New America

Friday, November 26, 2010

New America

With more money being poured into the “war on terror” along with the fact that we are constantly losing liberties, we would think this “war” would have an end in site. How wrong we were. The war on terror is not waged with guns or bombs. It is not waged with planes or boats, oh no. It is waged by the lose of liberties and the rights of the citizens of the very countries it’s trying to protect. Going to war with “terrorist harboring” nations will not stop the terrorists, it hasn’t. We invaded Afghanistan to try to stop them from harboring terrorists. But guess what? We are still under constant threat. There is one way to truly stop terrorists. One war that can be won. The war against you. The only way to make sure nobody blows up a bridge, flies a plane into a building, or hijacks a bus is to monitor everyone simultaneously. These new TSA security measures wont be any more OR less effective then their predecessors. The only way to protect a country from the threat of terrorism is to adopt a 1984-esque style of government. Just building bigger guns and bombs won’t stop terrorists, for in America everyone is a potential terrorist. The only way to stop them is to wage the full blown war on the citizens of the very country that soldiers are dying to protect. 
If you wan’t to be 100% secure, you must give up all your liberties and adopt a new kind of government. A government that knows what you do every waking hour of the day. But before we willingly subject ourselves to that think about this, when that day comes, the America and the rights we have tried so hard to defend, will cease to be…


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