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A small rant about Ben Stein

Friday, November 26, 2010

A small rant about Ben Stein

There is one thing that really sets me off. When people who owe their lives to science publicly criticize it and the scientific method. Take Ben Stein for example: He said, “Science leads you to killing people”. This blatant disregard for everything science has done for us is utterly despicable. If it weren’t for modern medicine brought about through scientific advancement, he would most likely not be alive. If it weren’t for scientific advancement, we would not have cures for smallpox, a disease that killed millions. The fact that he is using his free time, which was granted to him by science, which has made the farming of food easy so humans don’t have to work all day just to feed themselves, to publicly denounce the scientific method makes me cringe. Ben Stein and everyone above the age of 35 owe their lives to scientific advancements in the fields of medicine, food, shelter and hygiene, that denouncing the very science that has given them life is down right ungrateful and disgusting. But it’s not just the ungratefulness, it’s the fact that he has people who soak up his every word like a sponge soaks up water. He, and all the other people who owe their lives to science yet still denounce it, are what is wrong with society today. 
Sorry about my little rant but his remark that “Science leads you to killing people” made me gag and I had to write about it.
Thanks to Thunderf00t for the idea which was talked about in his “Why Do People Laugh At Creationists” series.


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