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Why do we "Preach"?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Why do we "Preach"?

The question that I have seen a lot whist on my travels through the interwebs is thus: “Why do you [atheists] preach to us?” 
This, in some respects, is a valid question. First off I wouldn’t say “preach”. Preaching implies that you are stating a religious teaching to a congregation and since atheism is not a religion, merely a lack of belief in a deity we can’t be “preaching”. But regardless of definitions the question still remains. (I will use the word preach in this post although I disagree that is it the correct word to use)  Atheists “preach” for a number of reasons. 
1: Fundamentalist religion is one of the prime causes of evil and suffering in our world and if we can end fundimentalism we can end evil and suffering. (Now just so people don’t flip a shit, I understand there are other reasons why people suffer but lots of suffering is induced by religion) 
2: Religious people try to get religion taught in schools (ie. Teach the controversy) which completely bypasses the peer review that all scientific theories must under go to be accepted and taught and thus they can say what ever the hell they want and the kids will believe it. 
3: Miss information is spread by religion.

This picture is an attempt to explain the big bang theory (and might I add it does a hilarious job). When you attempt to explain something you know nothing about it will ALWAYS fail. And the majority of religious people don’t know much about alternatives to their beliefs and thus don’t understand the theories and when they try to explain it to they’re congregations, they get it horribly wrong. And that leads to a viscious cycle where the parents are fed miss information and they feed it to their kids and their kids feed it to their kids ect…. 
This is why atheists “preach”. We try to stop the insanity and the cruelty and the miss information that runs wild like a cancer in our society, so please, before you ask the same annoying question to us, ask it of yourselves.




At December 16, 2011 at 9:50 AM , Blogger Andreas said...

I actually like the demotivational Atheism description with very few alterations:
Remove all instances of "magically"
change to "...then a bunch of everything, which is really nothing, ..."


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