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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So first off I would like to say, person who said everything I write is pointless because it’s an opinion, this is an opinion so if you don’t want to hear it please leave.

So to the real point of this post, ‘the banner of anonymity can allow groups to achieve great things’. The internet is a place for the free exchange of opposing viewpoints, much like the secret meetings between the Philosophers during the time of the French Revolution. People can be anonymous or be open about their identities and that promotes the exchange of all ideas, not just the ones society views as “good”. Anonymity is wonderful for a number of reasons but is detrimental for others.

In this day and age where everything you do is cataloged and everything you say can be used against you, anonymity is the best tool that people who desire change have. Let’s take Banksy for example. Banksy set out to change the world of art in a way that was illegal and condemned by the respectable members of the society he lived in. Because his actions were condemned the only way for him to try to make change was to remain anonymous. And even though we do not know who he really is, he has had a profound impact on what we perceive art to be and that is one of the wonders of being anonymous.

Another wonder is that when you are anonymous, you can connect with other anonymous people. You all share one common goal, to keep your identity hidden regardless of the cost. And as they say, power comes in numbers. If you want to achieve social change you must have many people and in a world where there are so many opposing viewpoints, what better way to come together on common ground than the fact that you wish to remain anonymous.

This is best shown by the protests during Project Chanology. Project Chanology was a series of protests against the Church of Scientology that started in January 2008. The group from 4chan called ‘anonymous’ launched a series of real life protests whilst continuing to remain anonymous. People of different ethnic backgrounds came together all under one common flag and against one common enemy, anonymity and the Church of Scientology.

We have examined the best aspects of anonymity but to be fair, we must also look at the worst. The worst aspect of anonymity is that you are not responsible for what you do and what you say. By the very definition if you are anonymous you cannot be found. People do not know who you are and thus you can do what ever you want. You can be racist, sexist or homophobic and if somebody does call you out on it, they will be talking to a little name that says ‘anonymous’.

But as we can see this post is dragging on quite a bit and thus I must desist but I will write about the importance of the internet in a later post. So have a good night all.



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