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The media and terrorism

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The media and terrorism

"Police sweep Rome embassies after double bombing"
~~CNN 12/23/10

"Police Officer killed in Afghan suicide attack"
~~CNN 12/23/10

"Al Qaeda contemplated poisoning US food..."
~~CNN 12/22/10

And the headlines keep coming. Everyday we hear about the latest terrorist attack or the next scheme by Al Qaeda but what does that actually do for us? Does that help us in anyway?
Of course I am all for freedom of information and knowledge, as shown by my posts where I defend the actions of Julian Assanage and Wikileaks, but repeatedly force feeding information about "terrorist plots" and things of that nature does nothing but cause panic. It strikes fear into the hearts of the people and thus they become susceptible to total control. The best means of controlling people is through fear as shown by the war in Iraq where we were told that the Iraqi government had Weapons of Mass Destruction and that if we did not invade then another attack on American soil was eminent and alas, we went to war. Fear is a tactic that is used to get people to agree to things they never would in any other state. Take The Patriot Act for example. The government claimed it was to help fight terrorists, the same terrorists that the media is constantly telling us about, and because we were scared of anther attack we agreed. (By we I mean congress and the representatives of the people) We gave up liberties because we were constantly force fed "news" saying that terrorists were everywhere and they were plotting against us. Especially in the wake of 9/11 the system of control grew exponentially. The use of the word "terror" or "terrorism" has it's self turned into a weapon. The media themselves have become that very same terrorist organizations they try to "warn" us about. They are causing panic and fear among the citizens of America and the citizens are then allowing insane acts to pass that normally would be rejected in a heartbeat if they were not in a state of panic. And then the question must be asked, doesn't the government itself have something to gain from the panic induced by the media constantly telling us about these "terrorist plots"?

~~Peter «▼»


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