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What's your favorite logical fallacy?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's your favorite logical fallacy?

Well, this might offend some people and I'm sorry! So please don't give me shit for offending people. 

My favorite logical fallacy would have to be the belief that "God is good yet he will let kids in Africa starve." 
People have attempted to explain it by saying "It's transgressions of their ancestors" (A Church leader at my friend's Bible Study said that) but that is not a sufficient explanation considering that if God is good then he wouldn't punish innocent children for the transgressions of others. But there are many other logical fallacies I enjoy. For example the fact that Jesus died to make up for every sin that anyone will ever commit. So if somebody murders somebody they may be responsible in this life but in the next God doesn't care. That just isn't a good view to hold in our modern society that is built off of people accepting responsibility for their actions. The third and final logical fallacy that I find interesting is the fact that, according to the belief held by many Christians (if you believe in God and accept Jesus then you go to heaven), Adolph Hitler would be in heaven. There have been many claims that he was an atheist but that is just not true. The link directs to a picture with a quote by Hitler referencing god. (Not a virus I promise, I hate that shit too)


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