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Where is God?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where is God?

Hello all! First off I would like to say that I am sorry for not posting anything in a long while, I have been massively busy with school and other such things. But here I am to post once again! :) So without further ado, Where is God?

When one talks to fundamentalists of any Judao-Christian religion and asks them the question "Where is God?", the answer will most certainly be "God exists outside of space and time". Apart from being a massive cop out these seven words tell the story of the human advancement of knowledge and the retreat of god. Let us turn the geological clock back to the time of the Greeks. The Greeks held to the belief that Zeus, the father god, lived on top of Mt. Olympus and made his rule from there. This was the belief that was held by many until we ventured to the top of Mt. Olympus and we saw no god there. God was then said to have control over the movements of the tectonic plates. He controlled volcanoes and earthquakes. People again believed this fantastical tale with the utmost certainty....until we learned how they worked. We found out that god was not needed to explain these phenomena and once again, god receded. God retreated to the hole in our knowledge of species variation and change. Here god was used to explain the diversity of life on Earth and this too, was taken without doubt until....a young man by the name of Charles Darwin shed light on the mystery that was variation in life and here, as Richard Dawkins puts it, "Darwin chased God out of his old haunts in biology, and he scurried for safety down the rabbit hole of physics...."[1] Here, as Richard Dawkins says, god retreats to the realm of physics. He is supposedly in control of the constants and the ratios, the fine tunning, but as our knowledge of that increases and we can easily dispel the fine tuned delusion, god once again retreats to his final stop, out side of time and space. Here he is in the last gap of human knowledge, the big bang singularity and he is safe there...for the time being. But as we have done so many times before, out knowledge has increased and once again it will do so and god will be out of places to hide. Then we can truly say "God is dead". (Nietzsche)



Full quote: "Darwin chased God out of his old haunts in biology, and he scurried for safety down the rabbit hole of physics. The laws and constants of the universe, we were told, are too good to be true: a setup, carefully tuned to allow the eventual evolution of life. It needed a good physicist to show us the fallacy, and Victor Stenger lucidly does so. The faithful won’t change their minds, of course (that is what faith means), but Victor Stenger drives a pack of energetic ferrets down the last major bolt hole and God is running out of refuge in which to hide. I learned an enormous amount from this splendid book."
—Richard Dawkins



At May 7, 2011 at 10:30 PM , Anonymous Django said...

Haven't you heard? He's doin' a nu thang

I know this really doesn't have much to do with this post.

At May 8, 2011 at 7:15 PM , Blogger Peter said...

This made me lol xD

At April 19, 2014 at 6:28 PM , Blogger Riley Bennett said...

good sheesh.. i took a philosophy of science and religion class in college it was dopeeee


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